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— Dan Rather interveiws Chris Field, director of Global Ecology, about climate change. The interview was published by the Huffington Post. more »


— 50 years after the first U.S. president was warned about climate change, it is "the defining issue of our time," Department of Global Ecology Director Chris Field told attendees. more »


— “This is humanity as a geologic force,” Ken Caldeira tells the New York Times. “We’re not a subtle influence on the climate system – we are really hitting it with a hammer.” more »


Ken Caldeira warns against the use of geoengineering, calls research into it an "act of desperation on the part of scientists." more »


— PBS Interviews Chris Field at the Peru Climate Talks (at 6:30) more »


Read Newsweek's coverage of Greg Asner's forest mapping work in Peru more »


— Listen to Chris Field's interview about the latest IPCC climate report on CCTV ( at about 2:50) more »


Greg Asner 's gold mining work in Peru is featured in the Economist more »


Anna Michalak explains more about Lake Erie algae problem on PBS News Hour (at 2 min.) more »


— Watch Anna Michalak's interview on PBS News Hour about the algal bloom in Lake Erie causing water problems in Toledo more »


— Read the LA Times featuring Ken Caldeira's study about beef and climate change more »


Watch Ken Caldeira address climate change on Fox News. more »


Forbes discusses the letter Ken Caldeira and others wrote embracing nuclear energy to help combat global warming. more »


Times-Herald Interview with Greg Asner About the Ecological Crisis in the Amazon. more »


National Geographic quotes Greg Asner about gold mining in Peru 10-28-13 more »


Luis Fernandez's work on mercury pollution in Peru is covered by the Huffington Post. more »


Ken Caldiera and Chris Field are quoted in the Washington Post about geoengineering research. more »


Read Chris Field's special to CNN about climate change. more »


Listen to NPR's feature about Ken Caldeira's climate change research. more »


The Economist coversScott Loarie and Greg Asner's study showing that male lions hunt after all. more »


Read about Anna Michalak's work on extreme algal blooms in Lake Erie in the Huffington Post. more »


Luis Fernandez's work on mercury pollution in Peru is covered by the Huffington more »


NPR Follows Ken Caldeira on his Great Barrier Reef Research, 3-22-13 more »

Chris Field on CNN's "Light Years" discusses the consequences of climate change. more »


Chris Field is on NBC Nightly News about CA snowpack and climage change. more »


Greg Asner is featured on the BBC about his airborne mapping. more »


See spectacularAirborne Observatory mapping images in Revolve Magazine. more »


Read Chris Field 's special to CNN, "Climate Change is Real." more »


Greg Asneris featured in Wired about the Carnegie Airborne Observatory more »


Ken Caldeira appeared on Forum at KQED and discussed "The Future of Wind Power" more »


Chris Field testified before congress about adapting to climate change more »


Chris Field is quoted on CNN about the connection between weather extremes and climate change more »


Ken Caldeira discusses geoengineering with the New Yorker more »


Chris Field was interviewed by NPR about the link between climate change and changing weather more »


Carnegie's Chris Field is widely quoted about the UN report linking climate change to extreme weather more »