DGE Researcher Profile

Jovan Tadic

Title:Postdoctoral Researcher
Lab: Michalak

Research Summary

Laboratory work/field measurements in Atmospheric chemistry; Environmental chemistry, free radical chemistry, photochemistry; instruments development, synthesis of biodiesel and biofuels in general; development of green technologies; usage of waste materials; teaching; interpolations using geostatistical tools and machine learning methods; data mining.

Key points:

  • More than 80 flights of the instrumented aircraft, Alpha Jet.
  • Development of geostatistical tools for spatial data structure analysis and data post-processing, using state-of-the-art interpolation techniques – various kriging schemes, machine learning tools and newly developed hybrids between them.
  • Extensive laboratory studies of the decomposition patterns and quantum yields of important VOC, using FTIR, laser based and UV/VIS spectroscopy techniques.



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