Internal Seminars

2015 - 2016 DGE Internal Seminar Schedule

    (All seminars are on Monday at 11:30 am and are held in the DGE main conference room)


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
JULY 25 2016 Matthew R. Shaner Post doc, Near Zero Technical and Economic Studies of Fuels from Sunlight and Solar and Wind Variability and Implications for Large Scale Deployment
JULY 18 2016 Malcom Potts and Alisha Graves UC-Berkeley Population and Climate: Green Sex for Climate's Sake
JULY 11 2016 Govindasamy Bala Visitor Why is the Sun less effective than CO2 in causing Global Climate Change?
JUN 27 2016 Catherine Davis Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory / UC-Davis Planktic Foraminifera Response to Acidifying Oceans: Thinking Across Time-Scales
MAY 23, 2016 John Bourgeois the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project on SF Bay restoration Restoring the Wild Heart of the South Bay
MAY 9, 2016 Leander Anderegg Berry Lab
Visiting Investigator
Tree Biogeography in the 21st Century: Where and how does climate actually control range boundaries?
APR 25, 2016 Geeta Persad Caldeira Lab Visiting Investigator Climate and Societal Implications of Human-Induced Aerosol Forcing Heterogeneity
APR 18, 2016 Katie Mach Field Lab
Senior Research Associate
Assessment in a changing climate: IPCC AR5 and beyond
APR 12, 2016 Xin Xi NASA Ames Mineral dust in Central Asia: its source variability and connections with climate and human-induced land-cover/land-use change
APR 4, 2016 Garret Huntress
Shavon Jones-Mansaw
Carnegie IT Types of computational resources are available at DGE (Slide presentation (login to your Carnegie Account required))
MAR 28, 2016 Karen O'Brien Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo Adaptation through transformation
MAR 24, 2016
Walter Jetz Yale University Toward a global biodiversity science
MAR 22, 2016
Adam Wolf Field/Berry Lab alum Arable: a complete solution to crop management that provides you with scientific-quality measurements when and where you need them
MAR 21, 2016 Denise L. Mauzerall Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and the Department of Civil and Environmental at Princeton Climate, Air Quality, Health and Agriculture: Implications of China’s Energy Future
MAR 14, 2016 Claire Treat a visiting scientist at USGS, Menlo Park Past, present, and future carbon feedbacks from permafrost peatlands to climate
MAR 7, 2016 Jonah Busch Center for Global Development, Washington DC The Future of Forests: Reducing tropical deforestation for more, cheaper, faster climate mitigation
MAR 3, 2016
Sandra Skowronek Visiting graduate student,
Asner lab
Mapping invasive bryophytes, herbs and grasses using field and hyperspectral data: a journey from the heathlands of Northern Germany to the grasslands of Jasper Ridge
FEB 29, 2016 John Broome Faculty of Philosophy, Oxford University Don't ask for morality over climate change
FEB 22, 2016 Jonathan Buzan Department of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire, Durham, 'Impacts from climate thermodynamics on humans and animals
FEB 8, 2016 Noah Deich the Center for Carbon Removal Philanthropy beyond carbon neutrality: the role of negative emissions grantmaking in meeting post-COP21 climate goals
FEB 1, 2016 Maria Rugenstein Caldeira Lab
Visiting Investigator
Non-constant climate sensitivity, non-linear feedbacks, and evolving spatial patterns of warming
JAN 11, 2016 Kim Nicholas Lund University Agreement and Land-Based Climate Solutions
Scientific American Op-Ed
NOV 2, 2015 Michael White a senior editor at Nature Publishing in Nature
OCT 26, 2015 Patrick Freeman Research and Admin Assistant, Field Lab From Passion to Action: My Experience in the World of Elephant Science
SEP 28, 2015 Mary Kang Pos-tdoc with Rob Jackson Methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells
SEP 21, 2015 Laura Meredith Post-doc, Berry Lab Microbial and chemical drivers of COS and 18O exchange in soils
SEP 16, 2015
WED, 11am
Lian Pin Koh Associate Professor and Chair of Applied Ecology and Conservation at the University of Adelaide Conservation drones: beyond the hype
AUG 24, 2015 Rebecca Albright Post-doc, Caldeira Lab Ocean acidification already impairing coral reef growth: a case study from One Tree Reef, Australia


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