Internal Seminars

2014 - 2015 DGE Internal Seminar Schedule

    (All seminars are on Monday at 11:30 am (New Time, starting on July 13, 2015) and are held in the DGE main conference room)


Date Speaker Affiliation Title
JUL 13, 2015
Scot Miller Michalak lab, Post-Doc Natural and anthropogenic sources of methane in North America
JUL 6, 2015
Bill Anderegg NOAA Climate and Global Change Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Princeton Environmental Institute at Princeton University (Former Field lab) Pervasive drought legacy effects in forest ecosystems and their implications for the carbon cycle
JUN 30, 2015
Chris Langdon University of Miami's Department of Marine Biology and Ecology Dynamics of carbonate chemistry, production and calcification of the Florida Reef Tract (2009-2010): evidence for seasonal dissolution
APR 20, 2015
Kai Zhu Field lab, Post-Doc Climate change impacts on eastern US forests: insights from inventory data
MAR 30, 2015
Dahlia Wist CIW: Greenhouse Manager / Horticulturist improvements to our landscaping
MAR 23, 2015
Erle Ellis Department of Geography & Environmental Systems, University of Maryland, Ecology in an Anthropogenic Biosphere
MAR 16, 2015
Lester Kwiatkowski Caldeira Lab, Post-Doc Atmospheric consequences of disruption of the ocean thermocline
MAR 9, 2015
Eva Sinha Michalak Lab, Grad Student A streamlined method to predict nitrogen loading in streams in the Continental United States
MAR 2, 2015
Alex Norton School of Earth Science, University of Melbourne, Grad Student Estimates of Global Terrestrial Plant Productivity from Novel Satellite Measurements of Satellite Chlorophyll Fluorescence
FEB 9, 2015
Emily Francis Asner Lab, Grad Student Tropical Tree Stem Respiration: Variation among species, seasons, and trees
FEB 2, 2015
Katie Mach IPCC TSU / Field Lab Transforming assessment in a changing climate
JAN 26, 2015
Yui Takeshita UCSD Continuous measurements of benthic production and calcification rates in a pristine coral reef: a boundary layer approach
JAN 12, 2015
Ari Kornfeld Post doc, Berry Lab A GUI-Based tool for bridging the gap between models and process oriented studies of photosynthesis
JAN 6, 2015
Min Chen visitor, Caldeira Lab Evaluating effects of two major atmospheric pollutants on global terrestrial ecosystem carbon dynamics
NOV 24, 2014
Tobias Schmid De-risking renewable energy investments in developing countries
NOV 17, 2014
Xurxo Visitor, Berry Lab Fying ideas: vineyard water stress assessment with a multi-copter UAV
OCT 27, 2014
Mary Whelan Berry Lab Linking the S and C Cycles: estimating gross primary production
OCT 20, 2014
Robert Socolow Princeton University, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Risks of climate change and risks of climate change solutions
OCT 6, 2014
Ingelin Steinsland NTNU Spatial statistics and the evaluation of models


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